What’s for Dinner: Slow Cooked Whole Chicken

This is probably one of my favorite things to make. It’s also what I intended to make on the day I posted about my Roasted Chicken instead [which was equally delicious].

I slow cook it in a pot over extremely low heat over a period of three to four hours… and it’s scrumptious. So tender, that it almost falls apart off of the bone and melts in your mouth. Full of flavor inside and out. Love it!

Note: I slow cook it [on the stove], not cook it in a slow cooker [although I did take my slow cooker out recently to start using finally].

The white meat lover in me [as in I won’t eat dark meat] goes straight for the breast meat.

Here’s how I make it:

I take a whole chicken and with a fork poke holes all over it (so the marinade seeps inside).

I, then, marinate the chicken with: salt, pepper, paprika, garlic powder, ginger powder, cayenne pepper, chili pepper, lemon juice, yogurt, and Shaan Tandoori Masala. I make sure that the marinade covers everything, and inside the cavity area as well.

If time allows, I like to let the marinade set in for a while (a couple of hours or over night).

When I am ready to cook it: I transfer the marinated whole chicken into a pot (that has a lid). All the extra marinade? Transfer that too. With the lid over your pot, I let the chicken cook on the lowest heat possible on my stove. Every hour, with the help of two flat spatulas, I turn the chicken over to help both of the sides cook evenly. Obviously, do this ever so gently [in the last hour or two especially] considering how tender the chicken will be.

Tip: You don’t have to do this, but what I do is: about every 15-30 minutes or so (not on the dot, just whenever I come back into the kitchen or remember) I pour some of the extra marinade sauce that it’s in the pot all over the chicken. I love how it makes the chicken look at the end, and the extra flavor on the outside is great. This also helps keep the chicken moist, and not dry out either. If you don’t want to do this, or don’t have the time, at the end: just brush on (or pour) the extra marinade sauce in the pot over your chicken.

Ideas to serve alongside: any of these breads/rolls and/or these side dishes.

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