How is my baby seven?!

Arham beta, watching you grow, observe, and learn makes my day.. every day! Not a day goes go by where I am not left in awe of something you have said, done, or discovered. Your gentle heart and kind soul makes Mama so happy.
Your can do attitude and determination will take you far, I just know it! I just wish it would slow down a bit… you are growing way too fast right in front of my eyes… and I just want to bottle it up and hold it forever (or at least for a moment longer!)
I can’t wait to see what this year holds for you and I, but I am truly soaking in every moment I can… it seems to be just flying by.
Your love for learning and ever-growing curiosity is something I admire. Your smarts, creativity, and problem solving skills  make me so proud, but nothing makes me prouder than the genuine and sweet boy you are growing up to be.
I love you forever and forever my Arham beta.

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