Pray for Humanity. Pray for Boston.

Imagine living in a world of peace and humanity.

One where kids can freely run around outside without their parents worrying.

One where you don’t have to think twice about whether that loved one of yours that just left home… whether they’ll make it home safe and sound.

One where you don’t get that feeling in the pit of your stomach when you are flying on an airplane. Or in a movie theater. Wait. Or at a school. A school?!

Apparently, add a public spectator event like a marathon to that list while you are at it.

Naive of me? Perhaps. Probably.

What’s next? Or should I say where?

How can anyone be so inhumane? What, psychologically, makes someone do such hideous acts? Who is responsible this time? Why do people deliberately cause other people harm? When will it stop?

Where are we safe?

Pray for Boston. Pray for Humanity.

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