Arham’s Mama.

I’m a Rutgers University graduate, where I majored in Psychology and minored in Political Science (May 2010). I love reading, and am interested in politics – local and elsewhere.

I think my short Twitter profile summarizes me very well in a nutshell:  Author of “What’s for Dinner?”. Rutgers University alumna. Loves to cook/bake homemade deliciousness. Avid follower of current world events/issues & politics.

I began blogging in December 2007 as a way to keep an online ‘journal’ of what is going on in my life and things around me and what I found to be important. I blog about everything from what is going on in my life to current events and everything in between.

Over time, I’ve developed a love for experimenting in the kitchen and try to make new things all the time, which is how the “What’s for Dinner” section on this blog came to be [after family and friends started to ask me for my recipes] and led me to publish my [first] recipe book, titled “What’s for Dinner” [fittingly]. Click here to get a copy of my book!

Click here to read my latest blog posts.

If need be, you can email me at email@summaiyahhyder.com.

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