Snow Storm ’09

I just started taking pictures from my phone to show you guys how rapidly the weather changed:

this picture was from around 1:50 PM  (my brother took this first picture to comment on the lack of snow, and it started snowing continuously as soon as he took this picture):

this picture is from 1:59 P.M:

this picture is from 2:02 PM

2:20 P.M:

i’ll update as the day progresses if there is a significant difference.

4:05 PM:

4:53 PM:

6:43 PM (the following pictures are all from my camera, unless otherwise noted, since it is now too dark to take pictures from my phone):

the next two pictures are from 9:03 PM:

the next two pictures are from 11:08 PM (tires half way covered = decent amount of snow!):

1:03 AM (sunday):

and one last picture from around 11 AM this (sunday) morning (from my phone)… unless it snows more:

Better than nothing, I suppose?


  1. I'm really surprised the U.S. is having more snow than Canada (or at least the DC area vs. Toronto). I'm vacationing in Quebec right now and even here there's more snow than Toronto has had!

  2. i&#39;m surprised as well. i used to live in toronto, and we always got tons of snow. and even in the past few years… they have always been bombarded with snow throughout the season. whereas, here – we hardly get snow (storms).<br /><br />i remember reading that this was the first year after MANY years it didn&#39;t snow in toronto in the month of novemeber.

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