I have internet again! and air conditioning!

I never, in a million years, would have ever expected this to happen to us – but lightning struck our house this past wednesday! it’s one of those things you always hear about… but never think it’s going to happen to you or anyone you know.

My mom had been telling me for a few days prior to wednesday that we were supposed to be getting bad thunderstorms on wednesday… and i didn’t really take it too seriously cause it never really is.

This time, of course, was different. first, our lights went for a bit with the crazy thunder and lightning. then, just as i was sitting down on the sofa… i hear a loud noise (which was obviously lightening striking something/somewhere really close outside)… so i got right back up. just as i was telling my mom that i am not sitting there, and started to move towards the other sofa – i stopped and said to my mom that i am not sitting over there either because the boiler/utility room is right behind that sofa. LITERALLY right then (i’m not kidding/exaggerating, etc.) lightning struck our boiler room!!!

it was absolutely INSANE! the noise was like no other. then, we could smell smoke and what not.. so we had to call 911 and have the police and firefighters come and check to make sure there was no internal damage.

alhumduillah, everyone was fine – our air conditioning was damaged (because the lightning struck that)… and it’s shock was so large that it destroyed my brother’s computer altogether along with the router and modem (I HAD NO INTERNET FOR TWO WHOLE DAYS!!) and damaged my parent’s computer somewhat.

having no internet was rough at times (but doable, surprisingly) – the no A.C. though was crazy.

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