Driving up north today, I definitely got a reality check.

Watching the news coverage on the flood and intense rain in the last week or so just doesn’t give it justice.

Here is one photo I quickly snapped from my phone earlier today:

Yes, that’s flooding up to the branches pretty much.

We saw parks completely flooded. Stop signs with rain more than three quarters covering it. Soccer posts being over half under water. We saw towns completely empty and businesses shut down because they were flooded. To see all of the hairs and tables at a Wendy’s outside the restaurant because it was completely damage is just one example.

And here I was thinking we had it bad. When we had to clean up the basement flooding for just one night.

Sure we had road closures all around us and we were pretty much stuck at home, but…

We still had power during the worst of the storm.

Our area suffered little to no damage in the aftermath of the storm.

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