Did You Feel It?

“Did you feel it?” It’s probably the number one question being asked along all of the east coast on the United States.

Living in New Jersey (or any part of the east cost), you don’ really expect earthquakes.

Barring crazy thunderstorms (and your house being struck by lightning) and snow storms, we are fortunate enough to live in area that is rather safe from things like earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes (that can cause damage/harm)… stuff like this just doesn’t happen here!

The first time I felt it, I thought I was dizzy or something and the first thing I did was google “earthquake in central jersey” — what can I say? I was born and raised in a tech-savvy era! When I felt it for a second time, I knew I wasn’t imagining it.

Fortunately there was no major damage and even better — no major injuries!

Where were you when the earthquake hit? Did you feel it?

By the way, if you felt the earthquake, you can check how intense the earthquake hit your area by clicking here!

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