Snow Complaints

Every time i get excited about snow, there’s always like ten people ready to tell me they hate snow because the only thing it means to them is that they have to shovel. Well how often does it even snow in our area? like once or twice, if that. Everyone has to rake the leaves in the fall every year ALL season long, and most people don’t think that’s a big deal. Snow, on the other hand, happens very infrequently… yet it’s just seen as a big annoyance. Take the time to enjoy it people!

And for those people who complain they are stuck at home and can’t do anything or get anywhere – how many times do we actually have excuses to do nothing and just relax at home? Most of the time, we’re in “go” mode and are constantly worrying/thinking about what else we have to do. Snow days give us an opportunity to take a short break for the everyday stuff and rejuvenate… something that is MUCH needed for the most of us.

Like i say for mostly everything, it is what you make of the situation.

So far today, it has literally only snowed for like 5 minutes (around 8 or 9 AM), so i was of course disappointed with the lack of snow when i woke up, but we’ll see if this ‘blizzard’ turns into anything. It has definitely snowed a lot in other parts of the east coast, and even in a lot of places in New Jersey… just not in our area. Oh, well.

P.S. – no lie, it just started SNOWING! It’s really light, but i’ll take it. 🙂


  1. i&#39;m a HUGE fan of snow – indoors and out… but yeah, looking at show from inside is an amazing view.<br /><br />i just wish it was possible, somehow, for it to snow and not be so cold at the same time ;).

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