Trending Tweets in Review: 2009

As the year 2009 quickly comes to an end, in ten short days, there have been articles everywhere online about “2009 in review” – just like there are every year. This year, however, i came across a new list – one that hasn’t been so widely available in the past, and which i found quite interesting. I feel like it captures all the other sources and information all into one.

It’s called “Top Twitter Trends of 2009“.

In essence it’s everything everyone was talking about and discussing throughout the year. It’s what we, as a collective groups of people from across the world, found most important and worthy of attention.

Do you agree with this assessment? What would you rate to be the the ‘top three’ in each category? The ones you found most important. Did any one of the aforementioned surprise you? Or, are there any other you would have included?


  1. I think the news events sum up every major topic covered in 2009 perfectly, although I'm a bit disappointed by the #1 show 🙂 I never liked that show, nor have I ever watched it!

  2. i watched parts of one season of &#39;american idol&#39; back in high school to see what the hype was, but i was never too fond of it myself.<br /><br />but the clips of all the odd participants (who thought they were amazing) were always hilarious – probably my favorite part.

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