Outside the Window: Blizzard of ’10

The last thing I did before going to sleep last night was look out the window and it was the first thing I did this morning too! 🙂

I’ll admit last night I was kind of disappointed because it didn’t appear to be sticking at all and was more of wet snow only. I thought Snowmageddon would lose some points for being a no-show and the score would be Snowmageddon – 0, Rutgers – 0.

But within like five minutes, when I took one last peek outside before going to sleep, the roads were already covered in a blanket of snow! Of course, it made me smile and I began to think again that maybe, we will get the storm!

And sure enough we did!

Here are a few picture I took an hour or so ago (around 11:10 AM):

I love the snow, but hate the cold weather that comes with it — which is why i took the pictures from inside (which is why you can see the net from the window).

We’re under a blizzard warning all day, so let’s see if we get more and how much of it. Our local newspaper’s website says that the worst is yet to come‘ and that the snowfall totals could reach up to  22 inches by Wednesday night. Let’s see.

Either way, I got my snow storm! 🙂

it’s now 1:50 PM: 

These two pictures are the same but I zoomed into the car to show how fast the snow is piling up — in just an hour and a half (it’s the same car from the last photo I posted in the morning).

Updated – 2:55 PM:

3:34 PM (yes, it’s the same car):

Updated (8:00 PM):
Around 4:30 this afternoon, I convinced Ayaz and my dad to come outside with me to take pictures of the snow.  At that point, I had already taken 43 pictures through the windows. Here are some of the 106 pictures  I took (if that doesn’t tell you I LOVE snow, then I don’t know what would):

Ayaz’s hand is by the handle for the car’s door.
those lumps are cars!
to show you how much snow we had at that point- up to the car’s bumper.
beautiful, white wonderland!
look at the thickness on top of the car as I’m cleaning it off.

snow is up to my knees!
look at how tall I am!  

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  1. Woah that is really deeep! One thing I don't like about snow: Every year it always seems to start falling right when I had just planned one of the best weeks ever lol.

  2. […] today. It was originally scheduled for February 6th, but it got cancelled because of snow (and ironically we didn’t get the big snow storm till days later).   Anyhow, back to this morning:   I left early and got there with some time to spare […]

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