Snow Storm

I don’t think it’s a surprise to anyone that knows me that I absolutely LOVE snow! So you can probably imagine my excitement when suddenly yesterday we were put in a blizzard warning expecting up to 20 inches of snow from this morning through tomorrow.
Mind you, this is after having nothing other than flurries for a few minutes at most all season long so far. This time, the snow started sticking right away too!
Here are a few pictures from today thus far:
This first picture is from earlier this morning soon after the snow started.

I’m sure I’ll update if when I take more pictures!

Updated 7:14 PM (taken from my phone):

Updated 9:17 PM:

14 inches as of 9:15 PM!

Here’s the morning after update with pictures of the snow storm:

behind that fence is our pool; the little bit of red you see is our red brick bench that runs the length of our backyard.

Around 12:30 PM:

We ended up with 22.5+ inches of snow! I’m not sure exactly how much, but 22.5 inches was the number at 1 A.M. and it still snowed after that.

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  1. Yeah, it was absolutely amazing. Especially because until the day before (Saturday) we didn't even know we were expecting such a huge storm! We got over 22 inches. How much did you end up getting?

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