Thanks Hurricane Irene

Thanks to Hurricane Irene, our family spent Saturday night de-flooding (un-flooding?) taking all of the water out of our basement. What else could we have wanted to do on a Saturday night, right? In all honesty, my brother and dad did most of it because I couldn’t do much.

But in all seriousness, we were VERY lucky!

Minimal damage, power stayed on, and no serious injuries in our area. Many weren’t so lucky, and I know how fortunate we are and I hope everyone else effected by Hurricane Irene is okay.

I had no idea how badly the main street off of our road was flooded, considering our street was fine (as in the streets didn’t flood, it just went into all of our basements). Seriously, Saturday night, us and at least three or four of our neighbors were up all night getting all the water out.

To give you an idea of how bad our main street is, click here to see my tweet earlier! Absolutely insane. Because our county has declared an emergency, only emergencies are warranted in being outside… which means I had no clue our street was like that until someone put the video on Twitter. Gotta love technology!

To the hurricane itself now —

It was much more mitigated than anticipated thankfully. All Saturday night we had crazy wind, heavy rain, and lightning after lightning that brighten up the night time sky. By the time Irene hit land in NJ Sunday morning, and we thought we would experience the worst of it… we didn’t! 🙂

We had a tornado watch for pretty much all Saturday night, and thankfully nothing came of that either.

After being up for over 24 hours, I fell asleep a little after 9 AM for about 40 minutes and missed the TV coverage of it hitting NY.

After Irene passed, however, winds picked up fast and were present throughout! We definitely had higher winds in our area after the hurricane! In our backyard, branches fell off and fences were broken… but again, damage was very minimal compared to what could have been!

As I mentioned before, my biggest worry was power outage — while the lights flickered on and off, our power stayed on!

It’s funny and sad at the same time how many people were disappointed that Hurricane Irene wasn’t as powerful as anticipated and that it weakened. As someone pointed out on Twitter, only would NY-ers be disappointed that a hurricane didn’t hit them and cause damage instead of realizing how fortunate they are.

Crazy lightning and thunderstorm, earthquake, hurricane irene and tornado watches all in the span of a few days — am I the only one ready for a peaceful rest of the year? Not to mention two blizzards this past winter plus and a very hot and humid summer.

The snow, I don’t mind of course! 🙂 Give me a snow storm any day!

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