See, it is the next task I took on… just six months later. And by accident.

Some a long time ago, like back at the end of August two days before a party at our house when I had a million other things to be doing, I decided that I needed to reorganize the way I organize my hijabs because they currently use up 4/6 of my dresser drawers. Not that I had other priorities at the moment or anything with 80+ people invited.

When that plan failed in under 60 seconds, this happened:
This door pocket organizer [that I’ve had at the bottom of my closet for the almost three years I’ve lived in the house] now houses some of my clutches, wristlets, small purses etc.

The main reason I didn’t end up storing some of my hijabs in this pocket organizer? The pockets weren’t opaque. I couldn’t see them unless I pulled them out, and that defeated the purpose. I wasn’t about to pull out each hijab trying to find which one I wanted to wear. I’m an out-of-sight, out-of-mind type of person for sure for things like this.

Any ideas for the larger purses and bags? I’m thinking of just throwing them in a basket like container and storing it inside my closet, but let’s see.

…and while we are it, any ideas for organizing hijabs? I’d like my 4/6 dresser drawers back…

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