You’re Obsessed with Facebook. Here’s Proof

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4 responses to “You’re Obsessed with Facebook. Here’s Proof”

  1. Sara سارة says :

    Assalaam Alaikum Summaiyah,<br /><br />Nice blog you have here!<br /><br />Wow, those statistics are pretty crazy, but not that shocking considering how many people I personally know of on FB, as well as those who check it every day/hour/minute. Alhumdulillah, I somewhat consider it a blessing not to have a FB. I feel like I would probably get too distracted by it or caught up in it.

  2. Sabirah says :

    That&#39;s crazy! I started a facebook account back in my senior year of high school and had it up until the end of my junior year in college. My husband and I decided to delete and then contacted facebook to permanently delete our accounts. Since I just moved…all my friends asked me to join facebook since it was the easiest way they&#39;d be able to contact me. I don&#39;t get it really.

  3. Little Auntie says :

    I&#39;m not surprised, at all 🙂

  4. Summaiyah Hyder says :

    Fortunately, I&#39;m not addicted to facebook… but know several people off the top of my head who are are. <br /><br />I think there are pros and cons of everything and it&#39;s how you make use of it that determines that. There are people who share anything and everything on facebook… it&#39;s pretty ridiculous.<br /><br />The image above mentions how people don&#39;t talk face to face

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