Don’t Reverse Car in the Middle of the Road

Is that really something people need to be told or reminded?

Earlier today, my brother Ayaz and I were running a few errands when in the middle of the road, some guy decides to REVERSE his car in the middle of a busy intersection right by our house. On a jug handle.

This guy was driving a BMW so hopefully he at least values his car if not valued the lives involved when he decided to do something as stupid as REVERSE his car.

He hit our car but, alhumdulillah, no one was injured. In our car or his.

He had been driving annoyingly for a while leading up to the accident, but that was just annoying. It’s when annoying becomes moronic and stupid that I have issues with.

He told us he was trying to switch lanes and that he didn’t see us. I wanted to tell him ‘of course you didn’t see, you were busy being stupid and reversing your car in the middle of the road’!

It just doesn’t make sense to me. Just to save a few seconds, people risk their own lives and the lives of innocent bystanders.

We are all fine, but there could have been injuries. There could have been children in the car. There could have been so many other possibilities. Is it really worth causing an accident to save a few moments of your time? Why are people always looking for shortcuts?

Even the police was dumbfounded when we told him what had happened. When the other driver told him the same, the police officer essentially told the guy “yeah, you can’t do that”.

Apparently that’s not common sense.

Moral of the story: don’t reverse your car in the middle of the road. I thought that was a given, but obviously not …

A week from today [September 26]  marks eight years since Ayaz and I had the horrible car accident where our car was totaled 🙁 … can’t believe it’s been that long.

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