God & Tragedies

In times of tragedy or hardship, non-believers/atheists always bring up the question “where was God in this?” or “how could God let this happen” or even more specifically “IF there is indeed a God, then WHY would He let this happen?”

All fair questions indeed. And ones to ponder. For many, hard times bring them closer to their faith (and therefore, the Creator). For others, if even for a moment, it makes them question and doubt.

Note: I started this post in the aftermath of Newtown… but lack of time got the better of me. I still think it applies, nonetheless, in general to many situations… regardless of what scale it is at.

A friend who I’ve know for many years, an atheist, in several different situations has brought up these questions directly to me. In the immediate aftermath of the Newtown tragedy, it was, of course, brought up again.

To begin, I would like to point out that I don’t like labeling this person as an atheist in the post. We don’t go around labeling people as “believers” or more specifically as a “Christian”, “Muslim”, “Jew”, etc. and I don’t think it is appropriate to do so in terms of atheists either.

I also don’t think that anyone, of any belief, can honestly say that at one point or another they didn’t question Him. If they did, they aren’t being honest.

While I firmly believe in (and always have) fate, and the fact that everything happens for a reason and that He knows and plans all, I can also understand why it’s hard for someone to not only question why, if there is indeed a God, would He let disastrous events occur BUT more importantly why it was destined to happen.

I get that. I just think there’s a bigger picture that is being missed. That, [verily] with every hardship, comes ease.

This world is, indeed, about tests, trials, and tribulations.

And why do we immediately blame God in the midst of tragedies, when we don’t autonomously turn to him in good times as well? It’s so easy to say “why me?!” in bad times, but how many of us say that in good times?

What do you say to someone with this argument? I’m not trying to win an argument, or to say I’m right and you are wrong… or anything of that nature. I value their opinion and point of view. I just want something substantive that highlights my point of view all at once.

Your thoughts?

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