Fruity Yogurt

Last October, my friend Maria introduced me to a local frozen yogurt place called ‘Fruity Yogurt’.

Before this, I had only tried frozen yogurt once in my life and I did not like it one bit. It was that lumpy kind with fruit bits mixed into it.

So when my friend kept insisting that I try this, I was quite hesitant. If you know anything about me, it’s the fact that I’m VERY picky.

Let me tell you, it is absolutely DELICIOUS. I love it, and when I got my parents to try it — they loved it as well. So has everyone else that I’ve taken with me (after much convincing, may I add). It tastes just like ice cream (if not better because its lighter) AND it’s healthier!

What I especially love about it is that you get to pick and choose what you want. There’s tons of topping choices (from candy to fruits) and about 10-12 frozen yogurt flavors that they keep rotating and bringing in new flavors from time to time.

Here’s a photo I had in my phone from a while back of one:

Frozen Yogurt from ‘Fruity Yogurt’

Looks great doesn’t it? This particular time I had Chocolate and Vanilla yogurt, with strawberries, M&M’s and pomegranate seeds. Yum!

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  1. We have one of these about a mile from my home, and although we don't get there as often as I'd like, when we do, it makes my day. My favorite is chocolate and vanilla with brownie bites, nuts, and strawberries. YUM!

  2. Trisha and Siv Maria – it tastes as good as it looks :)<br /><br />Thanks Deirdra!<br /><br />Janet, isn&#39;t it amazing? I go there quite often (even when it&#39;s been really cold)!

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