Yes, I got up at 4 A.M.

Yes, I got up at 4 A.M. this morning to watch the wedding of Prince William and Kate.

Did you?

How could I not? I LOVE weddings! AND it’s a royal wedding!

I have to say, I loved Kate’s dress and its simplicity.

I was quite surprised her dress was able to remain a secret until the revealing moment in this day and age of technology and up to the minute news.

And how about those hats? Definitely saw some weird  interesting ones. Some were nice, don’t get me wrong, but others were… not my taste? I thought it was interesting that pretty much 99% of the women that they showed were wearing a hat at the wedding.

Here’s to hoping for a long and happy marriage for the two of them!

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  1. I love weddings too, but this event was hyped up to the moon. The media got so insanely obsessive that by the time today arrived, I was already sick of it and purposely avoided television. Hopefully, all of the hoopla will die down soon so that life can resume as normal. That being said, I do wish them the best.

  2. I loved her dress. So fun to watch the wedding on TV. I remember my mom watching Prince Charles and Princess Di get married when I was little so it was fun to watch.

  3. &quot;99% of the women that they showed were wearing a hat at the wedding&quot;<br /><br />They had to! It was part of the royal protocol for women&#39;s dress code.

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