Is it just me or are less and less people valuing integrity lately?

An obvious lie is deemed as a fib nowadays. As if it makes it better somehow. Or that isn’t as wrong.

What is happening to people’s morals these days? People lie about everything and anything — even petty things that do not make a difference.

Are they creating a false reality for themselves? Does the lie help make themselves feel better? Has it become a habit?

I see little kids lying about the most ridiculous things and it makes me so mad!

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2 responses to “Integrity”

  1. Rhonda@laugh-quotes says :

    Sadly, I totally agree with you, which is part of the reason I homeschool, to try and instill some values like integrity.

  2. g-girl says :

    people's morals are totally going down the toilet. respect is a close second. i'm seeing this at the 5 year old level. it isn't pretty. and to think that is who will be taking care of me when i'm a senior citizen scares me.

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