Family Gatherings are probably one of my favorite things.

Fortunately, I have such a large family and it’s not just on holidays that we all gather.

In my opinion, the best kind of weekends are those that are family-filled. Fortunately, I have a lot of family that live nearby and some in other states and Canada that visit often.

You know what I love more than planned family events? The kind of weekends where one family drops by, then another… then another… and we are all just hanging out.

Speaking of gatherings, I invited a bunch of my cousins and friends for a girls’ potluck dinner tonight. Definitely looking forward to that!

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  1. Sounds like a lot of fun. My family is all far away, so I really enjoy when we get together. My sister and her family live near Rutgers. 🙂 Nice bumping into you.

  2. […] I couldn’t think of what to write for the letter K (besides the common words like kindness and whatnot) so I’m leaving you with a picture of chicken Bihari kebabs that I made this past Friday for the potluck that I mentioned before. […]

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