Drive Thrus’

A modern convenience? or a traditional setback?

Let me start off by noting that I’m not talking all drive thru meals. Of course there are circumstances where you are just getting a quick meal/drink on the go. Or its easier to go through the drive thru lane instead of getting all of the kids out of the car just to put them back in. I get that. I’m not even talking about that!

What I am talking about is everyone being so engrossed in the everyday things in life that people don’t even slow down to eat together anymore.

Instead I’ve seen and heard of so many scenarios where parents are grabbing quick meals for their family and dropping it off to each kid wherever they are.

Wasn’t that the one thing you could always count on? Sitting around the dinner table eating (whether it was home cooked or take out) and catching up on the day’s worth of events?

At least for me, it has always been the one part in the day where it seems everyone stops whatever was consuming their time to eat together… because before you know it, everyone is much older and has a million things pulling at them for attention (school work, work-related stuff, or whatever it may be).

Isn’t it time we all slow down a little? If not for own health’s sake, at least for the sake of maintaining some family time values?

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  1. Things just move too quickly for me these days.my kindergartener is home from school at 3, has about 45 minutes of homework, and then we read, and that leaves 2 hours to socialize with her, get her fed and showered before bed. I work from home, but god forbid I have to work a half hour late, cause that cuts into her time… <br /><br />We as a people don&#39;t give ourselves nearly enough down

  2. I enjoy the drive through for certain things…like pharmacy runs with sick kids and the bank teller…but I agree with you that meals should take place around a table with your loved ones reconnecting after a hectic day. Even though we aren&#39;t always able to have a meal together, when we do it&#39;s one of the best parts of our day. We have a little tradition where we each retell our days

  3. how can we slow down when everything else around us is speeding up? for instance, kindergarteners are supposed to be able to read now. is that developmentally appropriate? no. will they be able to &#39;compete&#39; if they don&#39;t learn this skill in Kindergarten? no. is it fair to expect a 5 year old to be able to sit still and read? heck no! i remember when kindergarten used to be fun.

  4. Yeah that&#39;s true but the education part is mainly because of the competition from around the world.<br /><br />The number of jobs outsourced to other countries because they can be done for cheaper in other countries is ridiculous especially when so many people in this country are unemployed.

  5. Hi! I&#39;m stopping by from the UBP…a little late, but it is taking me a while to go through all of the links! I love meeting new bloggers! I totally agree about eating together as a family. We always did that growing up and although, at the time, I didn&#39;t appreciate it as much as I should have…I definitely realize the importance now and implement it with my family!<br /><br />I&#39;m

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