Gotta Love AT&T… NOT! (Part 2)

Would you believe that 26 days after I wrote about my horrible experience with AT&T last month, I was still having issues with my phone this morning?

I did get the battery the next day, but as it turned out – my phone was also a part of the problem because it continued to get stuck randomly (and especially when I went to charge my phone), and shut off on its own.

So I was sent a replacement phone (the same phone I already had EVEN THOUGH I was told before that I would receive a different phone with the same features because they no longer manufacture this phone anymore).

I was thinking everything was resolved when I received my replacement phone a few days ago, but would you believe they sent me a defective phone??

Like seriously, are they trying to be annoying and going out of their way to create a hassle for their consumers? Do they not have somebody checking to see if their phones actually work?

If their brand new phones are already defective, can you imagine why the few people that I know that have this phone as well have all had problems with their phones too?

So back to the warranty/device support center I went. The woman looked at the phone, apologized, and confirmed that it was  indeed a defective phone. Fortunately, they had the phone in stock this time and she just replaced it for me there.

I am hoping my old phone was the issue, and its not just something that all LG Vu‘s do (considering its history), because the last thing I want to deal with is another member of the AT&T team.

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