Marked Price

We bought a Quesadilla maker from Macy’s a little while back and my family absolutely loves it. Tacos, Fajitas, and now quesadillas are some of the favorites in our household.
Yesterday, I went to buy one as a gift for someone who really liked it at my house. I was pleasantly surprised to see the sign below indicating it would turn out to be a very good deal for us!
I’m no math major or mathematician… but I do know math [with the help of a calculator sometimes :)] Let’s start off with an English class though:
Original Price = the original price of the item!
Marked Price = the price the item is being currently sold for.
Extra = (in this context) additional.
The Quesadilla maker was originally for $29.99 and on sale for $19.99. The above sign indicates that I should get an additional 40% off at the register so the total should have came out to $11.99-$12.00 (plus tax).
When we didn’t get the additional discount at the register, I pointed this out to the employee and she tells me that the 40% is off of the original price. Another employee went to their manager and came back with the same conclusion. I explained to them that the sign is misleading (and wrong!) if that is the case.
Now if I wasn’t in a hurry (which I was), I would have spoken to the manager. For two reasons:
A) What I mentioned above –> a marked price is the price the item is currently being sold for!! It’s not rocket science, it’s just simple English language. I should have gotten the item for $11.99-$12.00 each.
B) If the 40% was really supposed to be reduced from the original price as they claim, then the price I should have gotten the item for was $17.99-18.00 which IMMEDIATELY proves that they are wrong about that. The validity of this argument of theirs is ridiculous. I feel like I need to go back and pull out a calculator. Either way, they are selling the item for the wrong process.
Summary: The customer is always right. ESPECIALLY when they are RIGHT!
Class adjourned!
Homework: Poll: Is a “marked” price the original price or the sale price (what the item is currently being sold for)?
I should have prefaced by saying I shop at Macy’s a lot – from clothes, to shoes, to jewelry, to gifts and things in between.
UPDATE (4/4/12 2:24 PM): I wanted to update and note that our Macy’s account was credited the 40% today, which I appreciate.

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