Nike/Tiger Woods Ad

I hate the idea that I’m still discussing Tiger Woods on here, but it’s hard to not hear about him lately (and since November) so here goes:

Have you guys seen the latest Nike ad featuring Tiger Woods? If not, here it is:

What do you guys think of it?

I, personally, think it puts creepy to a whole new level. And to use a dead person for personal gain – how terrible! Not to mention your own father! How demeaning. Was this suppose to gain him sympathy votes?

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  1. Oh I totally have no sympathy for him, and I think doing a commercial like that was him asking for forgiveness/assurance way too early. He&#39;s going to have to wait a lot more before he can get the public&#39;s trust and support back. That&#39;s just my thought.<br /><br />You can&#39;t do something that wrong (cheating) SO MANY TIMES (what is it like 13, 14?) and then expect to be loved again

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