Tiger Woods’ Fifteen Minutes of Negative Fame

Normally, I do not take the time to write about an athlete and his (wrong)doings… but for a week now, all i keep hearing about are the million variations in the story and it’s driving me crazy.

  1. first i hear that Tiger Woods has been involved in a “serious” car accident (near/outside his home).
  2. then i hear that Tiger Woods’ wife used golf clubs to break the rear windows of Tiger’s car to get him out of the car after the car accident.
  3. then i hear that Elin (Tiger Wood’s wife) was actually hitting Tiger’s car (aiming for Tiger) with the golf clubs after the two had been fighting about Tiger’s possible infidelity- and was not trying to get Tiger our of the car after his accident as earlier reported. news surface of Tiger’s affairs with two other females.
  4. at this point, Tiger has refused to speak to the police i think like three times. Suspicious? sure.
  5. more rumors continue to spread.
  6. then, five days later, today – Tiger Woods issues another statement saying he has let his family down, and regrets the “transgressions” among other things, but does not admit to an affair or offer any other information.

Let me get this out – i do not think athletes/celebrities/politics, etc. owe us (the public) anything about their private lives. If Tiger Woods had done something in his athletic field or something that would directly effect athletics (like steroids), by all i means i would be pressing for more information or an explanation. However, it is not.

Famous or not, your actions have consequences for not only you, but for your family members too unfortunately. While it saddens me that yet another person has not only let their own family down but embarrassed them publicly, i still do not think it is the right of the media nor anyone else to press on this matter for the sake of his family.

If Tiger Woods is indeed guilty of what is claimed, you can not honestly tell me that Tiger did not know he would be caught. Politicians, athletes, celebrities are hounded every minute and every thing they do is released to the public (from what they are wearing and eating to anything extraordinary), so it was only a matter of time before such news would come out. nonetheless, it is hard to fathom why people do the things they do. I’m sure this is what Woods will be remembered for (unless he does something worse in the future), so i don’t understand why he would risk all of his success.

And another point, I don’t know why he denied the claim/lied (only to later confirm it). Like we weren’t going to find out ? Come on people, in this day and age of technology, we find out things the instant it happens in so many cases…. so lying is only making it that much worse. Like i said, they owe us nothing… and they don’t have to say anything or release statements to the public, but lying to the public on their free will… is ridiculous.

The bottom line is – What politicians, athletes, celebrities, etc. do in their private sphere should be their own business. Until it effects or comes into their public sphere, it should be left alone. And no, i am not naive – i don’t think this will ever happen… but it is wishful thinking.

I do not know the complete truth of what Tiger did or did not do, but i’m sure i’ll find out soon – simply by opening a newspaper or reading the news online. Why such things are “breaking news”, i will never understand.

Oh well, happy Wednesday everybody! Until another (and more intriguing) story breaks…

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