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Customized Chocolate Wrappers

So remember how in this post I mentioned that we ordered sponge-bob themed chocolate wrappers to use as favors for my cousin’s birthday party?

So the whole time (from the time my mom suggested it to the time the chocolates arrived) I was picturing in my head that we would take the paper wrapper off of the chocolate and leave the foil wrapper on – and use our custom wrapper to wrap the chocolate (on top of the foil) like its always done.

Of course things were running too smoothly because would you believe Hershey chocolates (and Nestle) now wrap their chocolates in plastic wrappers instead of the paper on top of the foil like they have ALWAYS done?

Apparently it is to keep the chocolates fresh, but I would think it would be kept more fresh with the foil since you could just wrap it back if you don’t eat the whole thing.

I ordered the wrappers online and when I contacted them about the issue – they suggested I open each individual chocolate from  their plastic wrapper and use foil to wrap it and then use my customized wrapper on top of it. Who in the world would eat open chocolate like that that has been handled? That’s just plain weird. and not normal.

Because we really didn’t have much time (or any other ideas), we ended up just using our customized wrappers on top of the plastic wrapper. It looked okay, just not what I had imagined.

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Laffair II Bake Shop is a Joke

The following is the cake story I mentioned here.

When I go to a bakery and order a SPECIFIC cake and tell them it’s for a six year old BOY, I expect to get that specific cake. Seems reasonable, don’t you think?

This is the cake I ordered for a six year old boy’s birthday party from Laffair II Bake Shop in East Brunswick:

Now imagine me getting to the bakery to pick up the cake and I get a PURPLE cake with three flowers on it for a six year old BOY. I wish I had taken a picture of it to show how ridiculous it was, but I was too furious and annoyed.

Anyone in the local area should know that Laffair II Bake Shop is a joke. Not to mention they are rude, liars, and incompetent. Oh, and their customer service sucks.

As an (irrelevant) side comment, by the way, there are probably more children working there than actual adults/employees. When I went to place the order, the only two people in the front of the shop were two teenagers (one of whom took my order). I’m guessing the owners were in the back or something. The day I went to pick up the cake, the owners two kids who were in middle school (at max) were dealing with a lot of the customers.

When I informed the lady working there that this was not the cake I placed an order for and showed her on my order sheet that I had specified the cake I wanted when I placed the order, she went to the back and called one of the owners/managers (a husband and wife run the store).  When she came up, I explained that this was not anything like the cake I ordered not to mention it was a girls’ cake… and hideous looking. She asked to see from the book of cakes they have displayed (in an attempt to try and blame me for perhaps giving them the wrong cake number and/or information… but little did they know I’m meticulous for details).

When I showed it to her, she matched it to my order sheet a few times and then finally says that “Oh, we don’t make this cake anymore” as if that was supposed to somehow justify it. Like are they serious?? If they don’t make this cake anymore 1) WHY is it still displayed in their collection of cakes to order from 2) when I spoke to two different workers on my two previous visits before actually placing the order cake (one of them being said manager) why was I not informed that they don’t make this cake anymore 3) why did they not call me (they had my phone number) if they realized later on that they don’t make this cake anymore (this one ignores their stupidity for not telling me on my two visits, when I placed the order itself AND the fact that the cake is still prominently displayed in their list of cake options to choose from) and inform me of their mistake/problem.

If I place an order for a cake, I expect to get that cake unless I’m informed earlier of any problems that arise in between. It’s that simple.

After some arguing, the owner finally says she will have the cake redecorated for me in ten minutes to match the cake, but the spongebob toys– they don’t have those — and that she’ll give me a discount.

30 minutes later, still waiting for the cake, my brother sees the owner slip out from a BACK entrance! We give her the benefit of the doubt and think she’ll be back. Another 20 minutes or so later – the decorator finally brings the cake back out front and it looks okay (MUCH better than the purple cake, not as nice as the cake I ordered).

I inquire about the discount as we are preparing to leave and the worker there says “what discount?” even though she was right there when the owner discussed it with us and says the owner didn’t tell her anything about a discount. I ask her where the owner went considering my brother saw her leaving from the back door and driving away and she tells me she’s going to a funeral (I don’t think ANYONE has a funeral at night, so I don’t buy it… and even if they do, I know she was lying considering how our conversation had gone when I was talking to her earlier and the number of lies she told me in that small time frame).

I tell her to call her husband out and I want to talk to him and I’m repeatedly told “he’s coming” yet he just doesn’t come out. You know who does? Their two KIDS who are probably in middle school! One of them says that his mom said there’s no discount because she’s giving the decorative toys for the cake instead for free which is a LIE considering I paid an extra fifteen dollars for those toys. One of them puts a ten dollar bill down and says that is the best he can do after talking to his mom on the phone.

After yelling at them some more, I finally got a 25 dollar discount (which was still pretty bad considering the amount we paid for that cake but we were running late for the party so I just settled).

My uncle was adamant about having a spongebob themed cake since my cousin loves spongebob and we really had no other way to get a spongebob cake form somewhere else at that point as we were already running late for the party, so we ended up taking the cake. If it was my party I would have definitely walked away with a full refund. But I will NEVER order anything from there again, that is for sure , and no one else should either!

Oh did I mention they did not apologize even once? I heard a “I understand” once or twice, but they didn’t apologize or even seem apologetic at all. The two workers were actually smiling and rolling their eyes (like they were little immature kids) about it while I was waiting and trying to get answers.

We had to wait over an hour to finally get our cake and this is the cake I FINALLY received:

Still not anything like the cake I placed an order for, but MUCH better than the purple cake with three flowers on it.

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Daniyal’s Birthday Party

My cousin, Daniyal, turns six in about two weeks. Last night, we had a family party for him.

Here is a picture of the favors:

it’s a spongebob themed chocolate wrapper. How cute is that?

here’s what the back looks like:

Here’s the banner my dad and I made using one of those ‘create your own banner’ kits:

Here’s a photo of the cake:

The best part? I LOVE family get-togethers.

The worst part? The cake drama. But that will take a whole another post in itself.

Happy early 6th birthday Daniyal!

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Tax Man Cometh Ad

So did you guys see this? I, in fact, hadn’t because I don’t watch much TV (and therefore I don’t see many commercials).

One of my professors showed it in class today and it just made me laugh:

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Cap and Gown = Graduation Day is Approaching

So last Thursday I bought my cap and gown, which kind of made it official for me that I graduate in thirty-four short days! How unreal! There are just two and a half weeks of classes left (and I only have EIGHT actual days left of classes!!)

I gotta admit, it didn’t really hit me when I bought my own cap and gown, but as I was helping someone else with their cap and gown stuff yesterday (I work at the bookstore on campus)… it hit me then! Everyone who knows me, knows how emotional of a person I am so it won’t come as a surprise to many that it made me teary!

I just can’t believe how fast the past four years have flown by! It feels like orientation was just some time ago, and yet here is graduation day approaching rapidly.

Not to mention the fact that I HATE changes!

As much as there has been things that have annoyed me like crazy, there are so many things I would not have done or got the opportunity to do otherwise. To name a few off the top of my head:

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Five Year Old Delivers Herb Brooks’ ‘Miracle’ Speech

My brother, Faraz, just shared this video with me and it is hilarious and cute (but I don’t condone or appreciate that kind of language from kids that age).

On opening night of baseball, five-year-old Joshua Sacco gave the speech that the Team USA coach Herb Brooks gave to his team (before ‘Miracle on Ice’) to the Red Sox.

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Nike/Tiger Woods Ad

I hate the idea that I’m still discussing Tiger Woods on here, but it’s hard to not hear about him lately (and since November) so here goes:

Have you guys seen the latest Nike ad featuring Tiger Woods? If not, here it is:

What do you guys think of it?

I, personally, think it puts creepy to a whole new level. And to use a dead person for personal gain – how terrible! Not to mention your own father! How demeaning. Was this suppose to gain him sympathy votes?

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Gotta Love AT&T… NOT! (Part 2)

Would you believe that 26 days after I wrote about my horrible experience with AT&T last month, I was still having issues with my phone this morning?

I did get the battery the next day, but as it turned out – my phone was also a part of the problem because it continued to get stuck randomly (and especially when I went to charge my phone), and shut off on its own.

So I was sent a replacement phone (the same phone I already had EVEN THOUGH I was told before that I would receive a different phone with the same features because they no longer manufacture this phone anymore).

I was thinking everything was resolved when I received my replacement phone a few days ago, but would you believe they sent me a defective phone??

Like seriously, are they trying to be annoying and going out of their way to create a hassle for their consumers? Do they not have somebody checking to see if their phones actually work?

If their brand new phones are already defective, can you imagine why the few people that I know that have this phone as well have all had problems with their phones too?

So back to the warranty/device support center I went. The woman looked at the phone, apologized, and confirmed that it was  indeed a defective phone. Fortunately, they had the phone in stock this time and she just replaced it for me there.

I am hoping my old phone was the issue, and its not just something that all LG Vu‘s do (considering its history), because the last thing I want to deal with is another member of the AT&T team.

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What I’m NOT Going to Miss About Rutgers

There is about a month left of classes for my last semester at Rutgers. As I finish my last semester of undergraduate, I’ve been thinking a lot about the past four years.

Here is what I’m NOT going to miss about Rutgers:

  1. Professors sending emails out telling us class is cancelled about two minutes before class is to start and we are all already in class.
  2. Professors posting a note on classroom door or the blackboard in the room telling us class is cancelled instead of emailing us.
  3. Professors not emailing us, or notifying us in anyway that class is cancelled and just not showing up. 
  4. Emails not getting to us until hours or days later.
  5. Rutgers email server working next to never. If it is accidentally working, loading times are ridiculous.
  6. Classes for the same majors being at the same time or overlapping in times so you have to pick and choose between classes you need to take.
  7. Won’t cancel classes during snow storms (or at least until the evenings), but won’t clean the sidewalks.
  8. The campus buses that were beyond crowded. Not like ‘wow, this is getting really crowded’… but more like ‘ok, I need some breathing room’ crowded. 
  9. Can’t book normal photographers for senior photos.
  10. Having weekly reading quizzes! I had never had reading quizzes at all at Rutgers, until this current semester… where three out of my four classes have reading quizzes. I feel like I’m in elementary school.
  11. Professors who keep cancelling the exam and/or delaying them (the night before the exam)! One of my current professors has done it MULTIPLE times so far already this semester.  

I’m sure this list could go on and on, but this is what I can think of off the top of my head.

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