Customized Chocolate Wrappers

So remember how in this post I mentioned that we ordered sponge-bob themed chocolate wrappers to use as favors for my cousin’s birthday party?

So the whole time (from the time my mom suggested it to the time the chocolates arrived) I was picturing in my head that we would take the paper wrapper off of the chocolate and leave the foil wrapper on – and use our custom wrapper to wrap the chocolate (on top of the foil) like its always done.

Of course things were running too smoothly because would you believe Hershey chocolates (and Nestle) now wrap their chocolates in plastic wrappers instead of the paper on top of the foil like they have ALWAYS done?

Apparently it is to keep the chocolates fresh, but I would think it would be kept more fresh with the foil since you could just wrap it back if you don’t eat the whole thing.

I ordered the wrappers online and when I contacted them about the issue – they suggested I open each individual chocolate from  their plastic wrapper and use foil to wrap it and then use my customized wrapper on top of it. Who in the world would eat open chocolate like that that has been handled? That’s just plain weird. and not normal.

Because we really didn’t have much time (or any other ideas), we ended up just using our customized wrappers on top of the plastic wrapper. It looked okay, just not what I had imagined.

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