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Public Speaking

Public Speaking. Probably the best class I took in high school. Before I took the class (and during it actually too) I DISPISED talking in front of people.

I just hate(d) the idea of everyone staring at me which I talked. I just basically hate when all the attention is on me in a group setting in general.

This class challenged in you in all sorts of ways– from the prompt challenges to everything else. I’ve talked about this before on this blog as well on my post on Teachers.

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Out in NYC

Not taking an easy way out or anything for the A to Z Challenge but out just fit perfectly for O. I’m out for the whole day a second day in a row to Manhattan.

Boy what a difference a day (and the weather) makes! Yesterday was full of crazy rain, crazy lightning and thunderstorm and A LOT of wind. Which made for the drive through Times Square and Manhattan in general so incredibly easy in comparison the usual insanity that we all know and love as NYC.

Today, it’s great weather out… Which means it’s packed as usual and the traffic is back to the regular annoying self.

Will post pictures later though and an update so check back then!

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The more I look for a job, the more I believe it’s all about networking. It’s not what you know, it’s WHO you know.

Is that fair? I don’t know.

I’m all for the importance of networking and whatnot on a regular basis (as in you should not be selective in the people you meet with and/or talk to regularly). Of course there are some people who you will be better friends with, but that doesn’t mean you totally ignore everyone else. Or don’t mind being rude and obnoxious to others because you won’t have to deal with them again.

But I’ve never been one to appreciate or even understand when some people get something based on who they are or who they know. And I’m not just talking about getting a job. This applies to a lot of aspects of life.

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Rachel Maddow at Rutgers

I went to see Rachel Maddow speak yesterday morning bright and early at Rutgers (my alum!). The event was a part of a series of events the Eagleton Institute of Politics is holding (I went to see Nicole Wallace speak several weeks ago as well and plan on going to see Valerie Jarrett next month also).

Nicole Wallace was the Former Communications Chief under President George W. Bush and also served as the Communications Director for John McCain’s presidential campaign. You can see what she said at RU in the following video:

Anyways, back to Maddow’s visit: Yesterday’s program was called “A Conversation with Rachel Maddow” and it was basically a Q and A forum that lasted about an hour and a half. Initially Ruth Mandel (the Director of the Eagleton Institute) asked a bunch of questions before turning it over to pre-approved questions from RU students and then finally opened up to a few questions from the rest of the crowd.

I liked what Maddow had to say for the most part and one of the lines that resonated with me was that she said she had an opinion and a point of view on things that she expressed, but not an agenda. She went on to explain that her past work involved a lot of activism — and at that time she did have an agenda — to get more attention to the causes she cares for so deeply.

If you’ve ever seen her show, you probably agree that her team researches like no other to prepare for the show. It was quite surprising (to me at least) when Maddow told the RU crowd today that they always choose what stories they are going to use for the day’s show on the day of at their meeting that starts around 2 PM and then everybody on the entire team from the producers down to the interns research and how disorganized everything is.

That and the fact that she is apparently a big “downer” of a person, “depressive” and a “big grump”? Certainly did not come off as one today. Sarcastic, maybe — but we all already know that.

One of my favorite questions asked today probably was when Ruth Mandel asked Maddow who she imagines she’s talking to when she’s looking directly into the camera and passionately making her points. Maddow’s response, however, was ‘no one in particular’… just others who agree with me.

Another point I just remembered was that Maddow did point out that when she accepted the contract with MSNBC one of her only requests was that she had the freedom to choose what she wanted to talk about on her program and that MSNBC could not tell what she could or could not talk about… but also noted that she fears on a daily basis that it could be her last show and that she could be fired any day.

Oh, and of course someone asked whether MSNBC and FOX News were actually two sides of the same coin, but she dodged the question saying something to the likes of she doesn’t watch much television or something, She also wouldn’t comment on the Olbermann’s situation and just said in due time Olbermann himself would tell his story — probably after he’s settled with his new network.

One of the biggest things I disagreed with Maddow on would be her take on Pakistan. To preface, someone (I believe Mandel?… anyhow when the video is uploaded, I’ll post it here) asked Maddow that she claims to talk about the stories that no one else is talking about and wanted to know what was the number one story that no one else was talking about? Maddow’s answer was Pakistan. This is a whole another VERY LONG blog post so I’ll just leave that there.

I’ve said before that the only show I regularly watched on MSNBC was Keith Olbermann’s, but my brother Ayaz absolutely loves Maddow’s show. I will have to ask Ayaz what he thought of what Maddow said though because he agrees with Maddow on pretty much everything.

I didn’t take my camera because but here are some pictures from my phone — but I’m warning you they came out terrible especially because of the lighting:

Fortunately, Rutgers (for the most part anyways *cough* Snookie *cough*) invites pretty interesting guests, and today was no different.

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Life is too short too waste over petty things, don’t you think?

Why do we make minute aspects of life into such a big thing?
And the things that actually matter? Many don’t even think twice about.

Why does belittling others help some people feel better about themselves? Don’t you think using that energy for something productive and POSITIVE would be… better?

For example, a person who deliberately twists someone else’s words to negate them is going out of their way to make that person look bad. WHY is that necessary?

I remember reading a quote a very long time ago and it has stuck: “Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive.” How true is that?

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I couldn’t think of what to write for the letter K (besides the common words like kindness and whatnot) so I’m leaving you with a picture of chicken Bihari kebabs that I made this past Friday for the potluck that I mentioned before.


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I love jokes… and am pretty easily amused most times. So I thought I’d share a joke today:

How do you make gold soup?

Give up?

Put 14 carrots in it.

Get it? Carrots, karats. Oh, forget it! 🙂

P.S. Happy Birthday Faraz!

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Is it just me or are less and less people valuing integrity lately?

An obvious lie is deemed as a fib nowadays. As if it makes it better somehow. Or that isn’t as wrong.

What is happening to people’s morals these days? People lie about everything and anything — even petty things that do not make a difference.

Are they creating a false reality for themselves? Does the lie help make themselves feel better? Has it become a habit?

I see little kids lying about the most ridiculous things and it makes me so mad!

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If there is one thing I’ve learned in my life so far, it’s to not give up hope.

No matter how stressful things become. No matter how negative things may seem. Not even if everything seems to be going wrong.

It’s something I struggle to work on daily as I get frustrated looking for a job. I know I am not alone — as many people in my graduating class are in the same boat… but it does not make it any less frustrating! What’s the point of the degree if it is not helping me get a job? Did I waste all that time and effort AND MONEY?!

If I didn’t have student loans over my head, I’m sure I wouldn’t be as frustrated and annoyed… but I do. And they are not suddenly just going to go away.

It’s been almost a year since I graduated (May 2010), and if someone told me a few years ago how difficult it would be to get a job even with a degree, I am not sure if I would have believed them.

Naive of me? Maybe. But it doesn’t change the reality of things.

But hope? I refuse to give up. And as I have pretty much every day for over a year — the first thing I do daily is look and apply for jobs. Tomorrow will be no different.

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Family Gatherings are probably one of my favorite things.

Fortunately, I have such a large family and it’s not just on holidays that we all gather.

In my opinion, the best kind of weekends are those that are family-filled. Fortunately, I have a lot of family that live nearby and some in other states and Canada that visit often.

You know what I love more than planned family events? The kind of weekends where one family drops by, then another… then another… and we are all just hanging out.

Speaking of gatherings, I invited a bunch of my cousins and friends for a girls’ potluck dinner tonight. Definitely looking forward to that!

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