The more I look for a job, the more I believe it’s all about networking. It’s not what you know, it’s WHO you know.

Is that fair? I don’t know.

I’m all for the importance of networking and whatnot on a regular basis (as in you should not be selective in the people you meet with and/or talk to regularly). Of course there are some people who you will be better friends with, but that doesn’t mean you totally ignore everyone else. Or don’t mind being rude and obnoxious to others because you won’t have to deal with them again.

But I’ve never been one to appreciate or even understand when some people get something based on who they are or who they know. And I’m not just talking about getting a job. This applies to a lot of aspects of life.

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  1. So true…it really is about WHO you know and not WHAT you know. I have found this to be true in many areas of my life…education, employment, social engagements, and many more opportunities that are offered to SOME but not all…I don't think that's fair at all!

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