Public Speaking

Public Speaking. Probably the best class I took in high school. Before I took the class (and during it actually too) I DISPISED talking in front of people.

I just hate(d) the idea of everyone staring at me which I talked. I just basically hate when all the attention is on me in a group setting in general.

This class challenged in you in all sorts of ways– from the prompt challenges to everything else. I’ve talked about this before on this blog as well on my post on Teachers.

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2 responses to “Public Speaking”

  1. Karen Peterson says :

    I have always sort of enjoyed public speaking. Sure, I get a little nervous before I start, but once I've got the spotlight, I thrive. It's a bit weird how much I like it.

  2. J.L. Campbell says :

    Didn't even know that public speaking was taught in high school. It's not something I enjoy doing at all.

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