Newtown, Connecticut School Massacre

Another horrific massacre.

My heart aches for the family and friends of the 27 deceased that were viciously murdered this morning. Especially the innocent 20 children who suffered and endured what no one should have to go through. Let alone at a school!

It sickens me how evil some people can be. The ache I feel inside of me is indescribable. I can’t even imagine what the families of the victims are feeling.

Theaters, malls, schools. Is any place considered a safe haven anymore? What kind of a society are we leaving for the children of the next generation?

Massacres like today’s are occurring not only more frequently, but they are also becoming more widespread. Tragedies like today are becoming way too common in our society, and it needs to change. It needs to change NOW!

There are too many evil people in this world. How many more innocent people must die at the hands of a tragedy like this before we stand up as a society and say enough is enough?! It seems like the only time we move one step forward in discussing gun control laws is in the aftermath of a situation like this when we are all emotionally charged. Days later, however, we seem to take two steps back as it seems to go right back to the back burner. The end result being yet another statistic and the tragedy forgotten until another disastrous event strikes.

It must not be forgotten because THEY the VICTIMS must not be forgotten. Don’t we owe them that much? We must stop making it about the perpetrator, and instead focus on the victims.

We need better gun control laws and we need them now. Why is it so damn easy to have access to guns in this country? Why in the world are people legally allowed to have access to guns? The murderer in this situation had easy access to FOUR guns because his mother legally owned them.

People always argue “guns don’t kill people, people kill people“. Well, you know what? Guns sure as hell make it a lot easier.

Those that make ridiculous arguments like “cars kill people so let’s ban cars too then“: cars are not designed/made to cause harm… or the purpose of a car is not to inflict harm upon others.

For those who say it’s too early to talk about gun control laws in the aftermath of a tragedy like this? I beg to differ. I think those directly effected by today’s massacre would say it’s actually too late.

Will better gun control laws solve everything? No. Will people still find loopholes? Don’t they always? Will it make a difference? Hell, yes it will.

We can’t feasibly stop everyone. Sick and evil people will always find a way, but we sure as hell shouldn’t make it easy for them. People will always find a way around it, but that doesn’t mean that as a society we stand by and let things happen. We’re better than that and we deserve better than that!

You know what else we need to do? We need to stop playing the blame game and making excuses. Every time something like this happens, we need to stop simply blaming it on a “mental health” issue. Sure, one must be mentally disturbed to do something so atrocious because no one in their right mind can do something so horrendous, but simply pinning the blame on a mental health disease isn’t getting us anywhere! It makes me cringe every time I hear “he committed [so and so crime] because he had [insert mental health disease of your choice here]”. Whether it is the institution that has failed them, or whatever it is… we can’t make excuses anymore. We need to work on solutions, not excuses. Better gun control laws are a part of that solution. Better screenings is a part of that. Changing the connotation of mental health disease and help for them is a part of that.

We need to stand up for what’s right. Stand up for each other. Our loved ones. The kids of the next generation. We need to stand up for what’s right so what happened today and what has happened way too many times lately doesn’t happen again. We need to stand up so another innocent life isn’t taken away prematurely.

Call your local politician. Make your voice be heard. Make a difference. Stand up for what’s right. You owe it to yourself. You owe it to the future.


  1. hi threre:) I sooo feel for you and your contry right now.. I do, it´s horrible. Just coming out of a similar situation here in Norway, where one deluted man killded 70 kids, I hear what you are saying.. about sticking together and the importance of being strong. And it works. We did it. We came out of it on the other side. Carrying roses. Holding hands. Standing up for what´s right. Love. Kill

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