Another Side of Obama

Here’s an Excerpt from an article I read just now about what Barack Obama said at a fundraiser:

Obama told the group – which included many Indian and Pakistani immigrants – that he is not only familiar with their cultures – but also proud of his lifelong association with them.

“Not only do I think I’m a desi, but I’m a desi,” he said, using a colloquial term that describes South Asian immigrants. The remark was greeted with laughs. “I’m a homeboy.”

He said that when he went to Occidental College, his first roommate was Pakistani. And in his dorm, he said with a laugh, “Indians and Pakistanis came together under one roof … to cause havoc in the university.”

To applause, he said he became an expert at cooking dal and other ethnic dishes, though “somebody else made the naan,” the trademark Indian bread.

“Those are friendships which have lasted … for years, and continue until this day,” he said. “I have an enormous personal affection for the people of South Asia.”

Pretty interesting… and a different side of Obama, but I wonder how this will be twisted into something terribly negating?

Source: Thanks Shakil Bhai for sending me the original article from the San Francisco Chronicle.

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