Midnight Voting

There’s a town in New Hampshire, called Dixville Notch, that apparently always casts its votes at midnight, so they are always the first ones to vote and their votes are quickly tallied up and announced. The town is known for being one of the first places to declare its results for elections. This year, there were only seventeen people eligible to vote in that town
(population of town: 75). The poll was even closed by 12:02 A.M., just two minutes into the primary. This year in the town Dixville Notch, McCain won the republican and Obama won the democrat.

The total votes were:

1. McCain – 4
2. Ronmney – 2
3. Guiliani – 1

1. Obama – 7
2. Edwards – 2
3. Richardson – 1

The key point here is obviously that Hillary got no votes here, and neither did Huckabee. Of course, we have to keep in mind that there were only seventeen people voting in this town. I believe McCain for the republicans and Obama for the democrats are the top contenders in New Hampshire, but who knows… we may be surprised.

There is another town nearby Dixville Notch called Hart (population being 42) that also votes at midnight in New Hampshire, and McCain and Obama also won there.

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