Um, Why Does This Guy Speak Better Urdu Than Me?

I came across this blog yesterday and I was hooked. Like I have been constantly reading it every chance I get and will probably be done catching up on all the past posts by tomorrow (even though I should be reading for classes…). It’s written by an American women who is married to a Pakistani guy who is narrating her experiences. Some are HILARIOUS observations, others are explanations of her different experiences, but most of all – all of them are honest insights on how this women sees it.

It’s so neat to read from the perspective of someone from the outside looking in and thinking oh-so-many-times ‘I know what she means’ and ‘haha, she’s so right about that’. I mean, even though we live in the United States (and lived in and grew up in Canada before), we have still lived this life style from day one in some senses… this women came into it a few years ago – so she notices things a lot more.

Anyhow, here I am enjoying reading her old posts, and I get to one where she links to the video below where an American speaks such clear Urdu that it is ridiculous. Not to mention, embarrassing for me!  Urdu is my native language yet  there are times I have to think in my head (or out loud) for what the correct terminology would be in Urdu for the phrase I’m thinking of in English. Or half way through a sentence in Urdu, I’ll find myself suddenly and automatically speaking in English. I was in awe of how well this man – this foreigner- could speak it with such great stamina, pronunciation and whatnot!

Here’s the video:

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