Obama’s Ahead!

Obama sweeped all three primaries again tonight : Virginia, D.C., and Maryland by significant margins.

On a MUCH higher note, Obama’s ahead in delegates..even after factoring in the infamous super delegates! The latest numbers are 1181 for Obama to 1173 for Clinton, but they will definitely climb in the coming days.

Clinton’s deputy campaign manager, Mike Henry, resigned today. This is the second time in just three days that important people in Clinton’s campaigns have resigned.

What was with McCain’s ending to his speech! I can’t believe he said: “you can bet I’m fired up and ready to go”. You do not take another person’s line like that. But to level it out, Keith Olbermann said “the rule should be that you speak before Barack Obama, not after”.

P.S. It FINALLY snowed here! We actually got a pretty decent amount..and it’s the first storm of the season!

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