I don’t think there is anything I HATE more than waiting.

I don’t think I’m impatient in most cases, but waiting for something or someone drives me crazy.

People wise, I think many people don’t value time these days. When did always being late because the normal?

And then how annoying was it to wait for your scores for those standardized tests for SATs, LSATs, or whatever you took? Those three weeks were way to much for me! I need to know how I did and I need to know now!

With my luck, things always get delayed and cancelled numerous times so the wait turns out to be extra long for me!

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3 responses to “Waiting”

  1. damyantiwrites says :

    You sound like my husband. He hates waiting too 🙂 and gets quite restless if he has to wait for a cab or train!

  2. renate says :

    I know:) isn´t it funny how five minutes waiting for the bus seems like forever, while five for minutes on the buzzer in the morning goes by in seconds…strange! r

  3. renate says :

    oh.. I also need to tell you that I just refered to you in a post:) have a good day! r

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