Is it just me or do people lack basic values these days?

I could go on and on about this one — it’s so frustrating to see examples of this every day.

Has showing respect to our elders became a thing of the past? Is there no difference between how one should act around friends and how one should act around others (adults, parents, etc)?

I am not talking about joking around with the elders. I’m talking about kids not having the courtesy to hold the door open at a mall or at an eatery when they see an older person making their way through… or when they see a mother with a stroller or holding the hands of multiple children. I see it all the time — instead of doing so, some actually go out of their way to rush past it all.

How about the simple words like “please” and “thank-you”?

Observe, if you will, at a retail store next time you are there: it’s unbelievable how many consumers go up to a employee and pretty much demand “this in blue” or “this in a size 8″. How about politely requesting, instead of demanding?

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  1. Salaam,<br /><br />I could not agree more with this. Valuing a person seems to be a lost concept these days. It&#39;s surprising, yet not surprising, to note that people value objects more than people.

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