Not Your Ordinary X-ray Story

Not many words start with the letter X, but luckily I have an X-ray story! A not so ordinary X-ray story to be exact!

Raise your hand if you’ve swallowed MULTIPLE coins? Anyone? Just me? Oh….

As a young child, one day I was playing with coins (money) on my bed (don’t ask me why) at night. Sometime soon after, I fell asleep. When I woke up sometime later that night, the coins weren’t next to me anymore.

I asked my parents whether they had moved the coins (they hadn’t, obviously). I guess there weren’t many other reasons the coins would no longer be there, so they figured I had swallowed the coins in my sleep and off to the hospital we went.

An x-ray or so later, we saw right where they were… in me.

The long and short of it was that the doctors told my parents that the coins would come out within a few days… from the other end.

Moral of the story: don’t swallow coins. Got it?

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  1. Ha ha, that was so lucky as it gave you an X word for the challenge. Now what are you going to swallow for Y? <br /><br />I came by through twitter. I&#39;ve posted a trip to Xi&#39;an China for my travel post today. Hope you can visit.<br /><br />Your blog looks like fun. I&#39;ve followed.<br /><br />Denise&lt;3

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