Politics and Possibilities, Part One

Tuesday night, I got back from a two day trip to Washington D.C. with four other students from Rutgers through a program called ‘Politics and Possibilities’.

We were to meet bright and early at 6:50 A.M. on campus on Monday – what a great way to start off the week of spring break :(. Anyhow, the Rutgers faculty member we were going with was late getting there and one thing or another delayed us from leaving for almost forty minutes.

The fact that the first stop was scheduled to be the Supreme Court (the one place on the itinerary I was actually looking forward to) and were on a tight schedule had me nervous the whole ride there. As if the fact that we were running late already wasn’t bad enough, we stopped at a service area and the faculty member and her supervisor turned the ten minute stop into a 30+ minute stop (while the five students made it back in the allotted time).

Oh, and then the time on the rented van was behind an hour and twenty minutes (an hour of which we could blame on the fact that day light savings time began Sunday and I guess no one bothered to change it) so the lady thought we were doing okay on time for some reason even though a) we kept telling her the real time and the fact that we were late b) we left late to begin with, and were late from leaving the service area…

See a pattern developing here? Lateness.

It pretty much defined Monday for us.
Usually it’s the students who are blamed for being late… but not this trip.

By the time we finally got to the Supreme Court, we had missed our scheduled tour time. While we still spent a few minutes walking around downstairs, all five of us students were very disappointed we missed the tour. Our attempts to convince the faculty member to let us take the next tour which was to begin in about twenty minutes failed. She kept insisting that we would be late to the next thing on the agenda and whatnot.

We head over to the next to the National Bar Association to meet someone else (a Rutgers alumni actually), but they were having furniture delivered or something and it was decided that he would meet us at the Convention Center. Little did we know we would have to wait over two hours for this guy!!!

I don’t know what part annoys me the most – the fact that we missed the next tour at the Supreme Court to hurry over to make our appointment with this guy, the fact that we had to wait for so long, or the fact that this trip seemed to be the most disorganized program ever. To think this lady has done this for the last fifteen years – I just don’t get how.

The guy treated us to late lunch/early dinner at a Spanish restaurant called La Tasca, which was an experience in itself. My food smelled horrible (and tasted even worse), one of the orders was duplicated, and one guy was told that the chef thought his food smelled funny and wanted him to place an order for something else (that definitely did not help anyone else’s appetite). I’ve never had Spanish food before, so I don’t know if its not keen to my taste buds or if this place just sucked. Thank goodness for fast food near our hotel!

This is continued here.

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