Surprise Ending…

The votes have been tallied and the results are in for New Hampshire’s primary. The winners overall in the New Hampshire primary are John McCain for the republicans and it was just projected that Clinton will win New Hampshire. I cannot believe Clinton won! Boy, was that a surprise — and shocking! Not many people, if any, can honestly say that they saw this coming even a mere 24 hours ago. It was very nerve wracking as Clinton led Obama throughout the primary tonight, but I kept optimistic! It is pretty sad that crying gained Clinton so many votes. If it was anyone else, they would be portrayed as weak or something similar to that.

Her comeback was totally unexpected right now. The funny part is while all the major polls suggested all week that Obama had a ten point lead over Clinton, there was one unknown company with a poll that suggested that Obama had in fact only a one percent lead. It is pretty neat that even though as of today less than one half of one percent of the American electorate have voted and it is already so heated.

Apparently a lot of the independent votes we were expecting to go to Obama went to McCain instead tonight. Either way, throughout the night it was way too close to call for the democrats.

The best part was that there were record number of voters in New Hampshire. Voices are definitely being heard and there will be a change..not just a promise of change..but hopefully an act of change because that is what people demand. As Obama said, “it is time for things to be different”. Can his speeches get any better? He is so inspiring and just plain amazing. What he talks about genuinely affects the regular American people. He is the change Americans can believe in.

One of my favorite quotes from him lately is when during an event in New Hampshire, Obama again mocked Clinton’s comments from earlier in the week that he was circulating false hope for the American people. Not only did Obama say that “yes we can” have hope for a better America, but also that “we don’t need leaders to tell us what we can’t do. We need leaders to inspire us to do. That’s what America is looking for right now.” and then continued to say “False hopes? There’s no such thing. This country was built on it. Did JFK look up at the moon and say, ‘Nah, false hope. Too far. Reality check.’”

Super Tuesday (February 5th) is just a few weeks away…I can’t wait to see what happens then.

In other news, Ray Rice announced he is forgoing his senior year at Rutgers and entering the 2008 NFL Draft. I wonder what that will mean for Rutgers Football next season. He has been undoubtedly an essential player for Rutgers.

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