Pennsylvania Primary Results

School has definitely taken over my life this semester…I don’t recommend taking six classes to anyone…unless at least a few are extremely easy or 100 level classes. It’s just way to exhausting and near impossible to keep up with. Fortunately classes end in just under two weeks..and then finals.

On to the Pennsylvania primary results: A few minutes after eight and with the polls in Pennsylvania just having closed, the race was too close to call! 🙂 The optimist in me definitely made me think for a second that Barack Obama has a chance for the race to be very close. Even though I am by no means expecting Obama to win the primary tonight, how close it is will definitely be a factor in the long run.

Around 8:35 P.M., MSNBC announced a change in terminology. According to the MSNBC network, it is now “too early to call”, meaning Clinton is in the lead… but it is too early to call it a victory for Hillary Clinton.

Around 8:55 P.M., MSNBC did in fact announce that Clinton had won Pennsylvania. That was expected…now the wait is for by how much? That is the important factor. We’ll see how long it takes for all the results to come in.

On to their speeches tonight. Can Clinton get any worse or cornier? “Yes we will”? Are you kidding me? At least come up with something on your own and not copy off of Obama after bashing him continuously. It was definitely an attempt at mocking Obama, but please.

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