Blood Pressure

I am definitely a curious person.

When I see something or hear something that I am not aware of, I like to find out the answers even if I have to figure it out myself.

I hate not knowing things! Especially when I am determined to find out.

I’ve always been curious to find out what my blood type is. I just think knowing my blood type is something I should be aware of for a variety of reasons. But having my blood drawn isn’t something that is on my ‘to-do list’.

Back when I was still in high school, a few years ago, I kept having some sort of pain on my right side and I had some tests done. One of them, included getting my blood drawn. Squeamish, yet kind of happy that I would be able to finally find out my blood type… I told the technician after she was done drawing my blood that I would also like to find out my blood type.

Little did I know I would have to get more blood drawn to find that out, so I passed. This was the only time I had ever had my blood drawn, and I’d actually like to keep it that way.

Today, I had another one of those ‘I need to find out’ moments. I wanted to know my blood pressure levels!

Of course, things couldn’t have gone smoothly. I tried three times and each time I got an error message!


What in the world does that even mean?

My mom and brother checked theirs before me and my dad checked after me and each of theirs worked just fine!

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  1. Lol that's so interesting that you're like that. Things like that don't really bother me, to the point where I found out my blood type a few years ago and I totally don't remember it anymore 😛

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