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US Open 2013

Last night, my brothers and I went to the US Open. It was my first live tennis match and I loved it! See, I know not to call it a game!

We saw Nadal play against Kohlschreiber, and left before the second night match [a mens’ double]. The stadium, Arthur Ashe stadium, I believe is supposed to be the largest tennis stadium!

The atmosphere was great, and thankfully the weather cooperated. It rained terribly all day and thunderstorms were forecasted for throughout the night. Luckily, it didn’t start to thunder until we were back home late night!

It was a hectic, tiring, and a very busy weekend… otherwise it would have been nice to show up earlier and explore “the village” around the stadium.

Sometime in the future, it would be great to come back, especially for a later round, to see a more exciting competitive game. I loved yesterday’s though and was actually rooting for Kohlschreiber – he played great the first two sets.

Life is on the hectic side lately, that’s for sure. To top it off, I’m going to Virginia to spend some time with Papa mid next week and there’s just a few short weeks away until my parents and I leave for hajj, inshallah. More on that later. I can’t believe how fast time is passing by! So much to do, so very little time left!

Rutgers in the News. Again.

Rutgers in the [national] news. Again. And not for something good.

As a Rutgers (New Brunswick campus) alumni, the thought on my mind since yesterday was something to the likes of “it would be nice for Rutgers to get [national] media coverage for something positive for a change“.

The latest incident? The video leaked yesterday showing Rutgers Basketball coach Mike Rice verbally and physically abusing the players [with basketballs, pushing, etc.]

Do I believe Mike Rice deserves to be fired for his actions? Absolutely. But now? No.

The time for that was in the aftermath of when the school officials first became aware of the incident(s) in question. Sure, Rice was suspended for several games at the point. But if that was the punishment then, then why fire him now if there are no new incidents?

Why now? To save your own jobs because the national media picked up on the leaked video? That’s ridiculous. The incidents in question were just as horrendous months ago when the mass public didn’t know about it.

Several months ago? That was the time to take decisive actions. That was when the athletic department at Rutgers needed to stand up for their players and do what’s right. That was when firing Mike Rice would have been justified.

Not now. Not when you take actions because you have to save yourselves. Not when you are only doing it because the mass public finds out about it and you have questions to answer.

Rutgers is better than that.


The sport, not the insect.

I don’t understand it, I don’t like it, and I certainly don’t have the patience and/or attention span to watch it. Do you know how long those games are? 8 HOURS! Sometimes, they take FIVE days!

That means 8 hours X 5 days = you must be crazy if you think I’m going to watch that.

The rest of my family LOVES the sport. The World Cup just ended on Saturday and so around my house it was cricket time, all the time lately for quite a while. Pakistan (where I was born) lost in the semi-finals, and the final game was between Sri Lanka and India.

All I’ve heard lately is about cricket, and frankly I’m over it!

Before I end for the day, I’ll share a related joke my dad shared with me yesterday — Just saw a Sri Lankan drinking tea from a plate, he said the Indians took the cup.

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March Madness

Are you guys into the March Madness craze?

I’m DEFINITELY not. I watch none of the games. I don’t care who wins.

But for several years now, I have filled out the bracket for the heck of it…. using my method. You know what that is?

As I go through the bracket, I look at the names of both teams in a game… and choose which ever name sounds better. Ingenious, no?

Go ahead and shake your head in disbelief but two years ago my method led my bracket to be more accurate than BOTH of my brothers. You know, the ones that live off of sports and would probably watch all 16 games in a day at the same time if it was possible. Overall, my method leads to me to do pretty well each year.

This year, my oldest brother told me all of the mascots too to “help” me. That better not have had a negative effect on my streak is all I’m saying. 🙂

Anyhow, here’s my bracket that I filled out on Tuesday:

The only team I didn’t pick on purpose was St. Johns… because of how Rutgers (my alma mater) was ripped off in the game against them.

FYI, for the final score (for the tie breaker)… I totally just pulled out random numbers.

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Cap and Gown = Graduation Day is Approaching

So last Thursday I bought my cap and gown, which kind of made it official for me that I graduate in thirty-four short days! How unreal! There are just two and a half weeks of classes left (and I only have EIGHT actual days left of classes!!)

I gotta admit, it didn’t really hit me when I bought my own cap and gown, but as I was helping someone else with their cap and gown stuff yesterday (I work at the bookstore on campus)… it hit me then! Everyone who knows me, knows how emotional of a person I am so it won’t come as a surprise to many that it made me teary!

I just can’t believe how fast the past four years have flown by! It feels like orientation was just some time ago, and yet here is graduation day approaching rapidly.

Not to mention the fact that I HATE changes!

As much as there has been things that have annoyed me like crazy, there are so many things I would not have done or got the opportunity to do otherwise. To name a few off the top of my head:

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Five Year Old Delivers Herb Brooks’ ‘Miracle’ Speech

My brother, Faraz, just shared this video with me and it is hilarious and cute (but I don’t condone or appreciate that kind of language from kids that age).

On opening night of baseball, five-year-old Joshua Sacco gave the speech that the Team USA coach Herb Brooks gave to his team (before ‘Miracle on Ice’) to the Red Sox.

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Nike/Tiger Woods Ad

I hate the idea that I’m still discussing Tiger Woods on here, but it’s hard to not hear about him lately (and since November) so here goes:

Have you guys seen the latest Nike ad featuring Tiger Woods? If not, here it is:

What do you guys think of it?

I, personally, think it puts creepy to a whole new level. And to use a dead person for personal gain – how terrible! Not to mention your own father! How demeaning. Was this suppose to gain him sympathy votes?

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Olympic Thoughts

Seems like just yesterday that we were watching the opening ceremony of the Olympics in Vancouver, British Columbia… and now it’s already over!

I love the Olympic events, but never get a chance to watch as much of it as I would have liked… but always have fun watching what I do get to watch. Figure skating and ice dancing are my favorite events to watch in the winter games- and neither disappointed this time around.

Canada not only got it’s first gold medal while hosting Olympics (this is the third time they have done so), they got fourteen of them! That’a s record, I believe.

The Vancouver games came with more than its fair share of sad events (read here and Joannie Rochette’s mother passing away two days before her events were to start to name a few) that will definitely be associated with the Vancouver 2010 games. There were some sad times, but some great memorable ones too (the first gold medal on home soil, getting a record number of gold medals, Canada beating U.S. in ice hockey in the final, the Canadian gold medal in ice dancing are just a few).

Unfortunately, due to a prior family event commitment, I missed the closing ceremony last night – but I’ll hopefully catch it sometime this week. I saw a quick clip last night about Canada mocking themselves from the glitch in the opening ceremony where the fourth pillar wouldn’t open (remember that?) and in the same act – they brought the woman who was supposed to be one of the four to light the cauldron (but couldn’t because her pillar was the one that got stuck), light the cauldron last night. I thought that was a nice way to round off everything and bring everything to a full circle.

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Olympics: Pre Mens Hockey Final

I’m not a big fan of sports. I watch it rarely. Except for the Olympics (see my blog post about that here), the only time I’m really into watching a game would be when I was watching the Rutgers football games – and that’s mainly because that is my school’s team.

Realistically, I just don’t see the excitement in it considering there’s like always some game on and I can already think of countless ways to waste my time that I need to be working on. If sporting events occurred less frequently, their competition level would seem more exciting in my opinion.

So many times I hear from my brothers (and others) they can’t do so and so at that time or can’t go here then because this game or that game is on- I just don’t see why and how something on TV would dictate my schedule. That’s just pretty ridiculous. 

But that’s not what this blog post was supposed to be about – it was supposed to be on the the much anticipated game with Canada against the U.S… the one i’ll probably be watching.

Why? Well, there are several reasons.

I honestly don’t think I would watch the final game tomorrow if the pair of teams playing in the final were any other possible combination- considering I’ve only seen minutes (if not less) of any hockey games so far in these Olympic games.

But I am a Canadian who is now residing in the U.S.. The rivalry could not be any more intense… which leads to a part of the excitement in the competition.

The fact that U.S. beat Canada in the quarterfinals (i think?) adds to it as well to see how this game will play out.

Canada has more gold medals than the U.S. right now – and adding one more wouldn’t hurt :).

Canada just has to win!

Anyways, I doubt I’ll watch the whole game (I know I won’t watch the whole game), but I’ll have to catch at least bits and pieces of it.

Hoping for a Canada win,

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Olympics: Ice Dancing

How amazing was the ice dancing competition yesterday night? Canadians Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir won the gold medal! I’m kind of biased being Canadian, but I think overall it was quite a show. A lot of them performed quite well. 

One of the things I like about ice dancing is that it is a competition, but with a fun twist… and drama.

Virtue and Moir became the first Canadians to win the Olympic gold medal in ice dance. Actually, not only was it a first for Canadians but also for anybody in North America. 

Other first for Virtue and Mori: they are the first ice dancing pair to win in their first Olympics and they are the youngest pair to win in the Olympics ice dancing competition.

Americans Meryl Davis and Charlie White came in second and the Russians Oksana Domnina and Maxim Shabalincame in third. It was only the third time since ice dance became an Olympic sport in 1976 that either the Russians or Soviets did not win the gold medal in the ice dancing competition.

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