Olympic Thoughts

Seems like just yesterday that we were watching the opening ceremony of the Olympics in Vancouver, British Columbia… and now it’s already over!

I love the Olympic events, but never get a chance to watch as much of it as I would have liked… but always have fun watching what I do get to watch. Figure skating and ice dancing are my favorite events to watch in the winter games- and neither disappointed this time around.

Canada not only got it’s first gold medal while hosting Olympics (this is the third time they have done so), they got fourteen of them! That’a s record, I believe.

The Vancouver games came with more than its fair share of sad events (read here and Joannie Rochette’s mother passing away two days before her events were to start to name a few) that will definitely be associated with the Vancouver 2010 games. There were some sad times, but some great memorable ones too (the first gold medal on home soil, getting a record number of gold medals, Canada beating U.S. in ice hockey in the final, the Canadian gold medal in ice dancing are just a few).

Unfortunately, due to a prior family event commitment, I missed the closing ceremony last night – but I’ll hopefully catch it sometime this week. I saw a quick clip last night about Canada mocking themselves from the glitch in the opening ceremony where the fourth pillar wouldn’t open (remember that?) and in the same act – they brought the woman who was supposed to be one of the four to light the cauldron (but couldn’t because her pillar was the one that got stuck), light the cauldron last night. I thought that was a nice way to round off everything and bring everything to a full circle.

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