Rutgers in the News. Again.

Rutgers in the [national] news. Again. And not for something good.

As a Rutgers (New Brunswick campus) alumni, the thought on my mind since yesterday was something to the likes of “it would be nice for Rutgers to get [national] media coverage for something positive for a change“.

The latest incident? The video leaked yesterday showing Rutgers Basketball coach Mike Rice verbally and physically abusing the players [with basketballs, pushing, etc.]

Do I believe Mike Rice deserves to be fired for his actions? Absolutely. But now? No.

The time for that was in the aftermath of when the school officials first became aware of the incident(s) in question. Sure, Rice was suspended for several games at the point. But if that was the punishment then, then why fire him now if there are no new incidents?

Why now? To save your own jobs because the national media picked up on the leaked video? That’s ridiculous. The incidents in question were just as horrendous months ago when the mass public didn’t know about it.

Several months ago? That was the time to take decisive actions. That was when the athletic department at Rutgers needed to stand up for their players and do what’s right. That was when firing Mike Rice would have been justified.

Not now. Not when you take actions because you have to save yourselves. Not when you are only doing it because the mass public finds out about it and you have questions to answer.

Rutgers is better than that.

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