Arham is Five!

With what seems like a blink of an eye, you are five masha’Allah! Happy fifth Birthday Arham beta! Why, oh why, does time go by so fast? It seems like just yesterday you were learning to crawl and talk, and subhan’Allah look at you now.
Five years ago, you came into the world and instantaneously changed mine for the better. I pray Allah SWT keeps you under His infinite protections always and guides you. Being your Mama is what I am most proudest of, and I don’t know how I got so lucky to be gifted with you… but I am forever grateful.
Arham beta, your quick wit and humor makes me literally laugh out loud many times a day. Your smile and laughter are infectious, your stories are captivating. You are brilliant, detail oriented and you have the kindest heart I know. My heart melts instantaneously.
You ease even the hardest of days without any efforts — you indeed are a gift! Your endless hugs, kisses, and cuddles and “I love you”‘s are treasured more than you will ever know.
Your strength and resiliency astonishes me and I could not be prouder of you if I tried. I just know you are destined for great things, insha’Allah, and I hope you never lose your can-do and determined attitude. Your keen memory, which continues to be just as strong, will guide you, I’m sure of it.
This last year was anything but ordinary, but you have navigated and conquered the uncharted territories so well unsurprisingly. I can’t wait to see where this next year takes you and I.
Mama loves you Arham beta, to the moon and back… and many times more! More than you will ever know

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