What’s for Dinner: Cholay

Cholay is another Pakistani dish that is served as a snack or appetizer… and I’m sharing it today as part of iftari food.

If you are working with dried chick peas, soak them in water [overnight].

When you are ready to make the cholay:

  1. To chana [chick peas], add salt, baking soda and enough water to cover all the chick peas to bring it up to a boil.  Keep your heat on high until it comes to a boil, then turn to extreme low heat for the rest of the cooking process.
  2. Add in [peeled and diced] potatoes to the chick peas half way through it’s cooking process [so it can just cook together]. You can remove liquid if there is an excess amount.
  3. Once it’s ready, add in diced tomatoes, one of the following [cumin or chaat masala, and imli [tamarind] chutney.
  4. When you are ready to serve, add in either mint or coriander leaves.

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P.S. This post is a part of my “What’s for Dinner” series, where I share what I’ve been cooking and my recipes.

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