Thyroid Surgery

Two weeks ago, on February 21st, I had my first [and God-willing last] surgery. Thyroid surgery to be precise.

It’s one of the toughest and scariest things, if not the toughest and scariest thing, I have [physically] faced [as of yet] in my life.

It’s been a hard two weeks of recovery thus far but, alhumdulillah, slowly getting better each day. Which wouldn’t be possible without the help of Ami. The first week post-op I wasn’t supposed to move my neck left/right/anywhere and I couldn’t lay down. Yes, I stayed sitting for a week straight and that’s how I “slept”. Ami helped me around the clock, which I truly appreciate.

Night eight, I figured I’d attempt to sleep on my side. In my sleep, however, I decided to be rebellious and ended up sleeping on my stomach. Not a fun way to wake up: sore and painful.

But alhumdulillah.

Thyroid issues are becoming more and more common, but before my surgery I didn’t know anyone who had to have surgery because of one. I still don’t know anyone personally actually. Just that, it’s no fun.

As a result of said surgery: I, now, have a [not so] lovely scar that will remain for the rest of my days on my neck as a reminder. But the more optimistic me is going to look at it as a reminder of what I overcame in the process.


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