September at a Quick Glance

So i’ve been MIA from blogging recently (for like a month!), but that’s because a lot has happened (and has been happening) that has been keeping me quite busy!!

Anyhow, i took my LSATs this morning! The morning started off rough with having low air pressure in one of the tires of the car… and when i eventually got to the building where my exam was… there’s a note telling us to go to a completely different building. I mean i go to Rutgers, so getting to the other building wasn’t such a big deal for me… but for everyone that came to take the LSATs at Rutgers but doesn’t actually go to Rutgers… it was a challenge! One kid, candidly, suggested it was actually a practice logic game to help our brains focus :). Thank goodness i left early to leave ample leeway time.

I’ve been sick since monday, so i didn’t get too much studying done in the week leading up to, but i hope i did fine. If not, i can always retake them in December… i hope i don’t have to though! I HATE being sick ( i KNOW no one likes being sick!), and this constant weather change is driving me crazy… and is definitely the root of me being sick.

On another note, i began my senior year of college early this month! I can’t believe i am a senior in college… where has the time gone?! I remember my first day of school ever, starting second grade in canada once we moved there, then seventh grade when i moved to new jersey, starting high school, then college… and now it’s almost over! I really wish it would slow down a little! To think that in May, i will be a college graduate is AMAZING and weird!

All of this, of course, means that i have started looking at law schools and have began the process that goes along with it (letters of recommendations and whatnot), which has been a little nerve-wracking. All of it seems so surreal.

Oh, and Rutgers Football season is well underway as well! I’ve only been to one of the games so far… and haven’t really been following it to well this year because of the time constraint, but it’s still been fun when i do get the chance. Hopefully i’ll get a chance to go to a couple of more games this season… especially since it’s the last year i’ll be a student here.

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